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If you’re looking to build or update your verandah, carport, shed or garage, Basic Steel Supplies are the perfect choice for advice and Steel Supplies! And it doesn’t stop there! If you are using steel for any job then Basic Steel Supplies can help you. What Makes Steel So Great? Being inorganic, steel is resistant to environmental factors such as corrosion and termites. Types of Steel Available We have several different types of steel products available depending on the way you plan to use it. Ampelite Sheeting, Colorbond Steel Fielders Steel Garden Master Steel Sheds and Rally Steel Fencing  Steel Supplies Basic Steel Adelaide  also have general Steel Supplies and spare parts like structural sections, plates, flats, angles, rounds, pipe, mesh, RHS, flats sheets, roofing, walling, fencing, flashings and guttering. Galvanized Steel When the steel is galvanized, it receives a coating using metallic zinc and zinc-iron layers which is bonded over the steel. This creates a corrosion and abrasion resistant coating making it even more durable. Zinc Alume steel The other alternative is Zinc Alume steel. Zinc Alume has a much higher corrosion resistance thanks to the special coating of zinc/alume alloy. This all means that steel will last a lot longer than other building materials and offers a higher damage resistance too. Colorbond Steel Creating new addition to your home with Colorbond Steel will last a lifetime. Colorbond steel is tough, chip resistant and weather resistant and best of all available in a range attractive colours and styles. Steel Carports and Verandahs Are you wanting to add space, value and create memories? Add or update your verandah and...

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