Choosing Your Colorbond Colour

Choosing your Colorbond colour for your roof, veranda, carport, patio, shed, garage, garden shed or any other steel structure is a very simple process.

Consider the architectural style you house is and the types of colours normally used then decide if you want to continue with a traditional look and then it is a matter of choosing the existing colour of Colorbond or changing the look of your house You may decide on another traditional colour or you might want to use a newer contemporary colour. Whatever your decision on what Colorbond colour to use be aware if you change the colour you may need to repaint some of the touching materials of your house such as bricks, wooden surfaces.

It is a good idea to compile a check list of the house features that will be affected by the Colorbond colour you choose so you can compare colours and make sure everything matches and are complimentary colours.

Following is a check list of building components that night be affected by the ne Colorbond colour :-

  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Fascia, gutter and downpipes
  • Garage door
  • Window frames
  • Fence
  • Front door
  • Feature panel

It would be wise to also consider all the other structures, products or parts of structures in your yard that already feature Colorbond colours. Similarly if you are thinking of purchasing a garden shed or replacing some fencing these will feature Colorbond colors and should be considered when choosing this Colorbond colour.

Colorbond’s influence over building materials is so widespread virtually all paint manufactures feature very similar colours and paint colours that are designed to mix and match.

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