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For sheds, garages, carports, fencing and general steel supplies in a full set of colours as well as zinc alume and galvanized, look no further than our range of steel products. We even do installations, so we can be there to help you every step of the way.

Check Out Our Steel – Basic Steel supplies steel frames sheeting and hardware for:

  • garages
  • sheds
  • carports
  • verandahs
  • fencing
  • roofs
  • general steel supplies for the home handyman
  • Steel supplies for tradesman, manufactures and builders

Basic steel Supplies are available to advise you on the design and structural elements for any steel fabrication job you might have.

Drop off your plans and we will not only cost the job but we will also compile a list of all of the components you need to complete your steel fabrication job.

If you do not have formal plans drawn up for your job supply us with a mud map and answer some questions and we can build a specification and quote for your job

If you’re looking to add space and storage, secure valuables or if you’re in need of steel for doors or full steel structures, we are here to give you professional advice call 8384 8777

Our tough-coated steel is manufactured to Australian Steel Institute specifications to ensure long lasting steel products designed for harsh Australian conditions.

Basic Steel bring you the best priced garages and sheds in Adelaide and the southern Suburbs in Adelaide S.A. They can do this because they offer a complete service for the design construction and installation of any size garage and shed.

Quality built is a much uttered phrase but Basic Steel do exactly this because everything is built on site at our factory warehouse in Lonsdale a southern suburb in Adelaide South Australia. Basic Steel shed and garage manufacturing process uses only quality products from the industries major supplies, using the components supplied from the countries best manufacturers allows us to custom build your shed or garage. If you are having trouble finishing your design plans bring it in to Tony and his staff:

  • They will help you finish your plans
  • Provide you with a quote
  • Build your garage or shed
  • Install your garage or shed

Basic steel have been installing garages and shed in Adelaide for many years and have been using the same tradespeople for a long time this will give you comfort that your garage, shed, verandahs, fencing or any job will be completed quickly and efficiently.

Steel Supplies, strong, hard-wearing steel.

High-tensile steel is widely used in home improvements and commercial projects. Our steel supplies come in galvanised and zincalume which gives it a durable, abrasion-resistant coating that prevents rusting. Steel structures are a simple, easy way to install additional space to your home or workplace.

We supply steel for use in garages, sheds and other useful storage options. Carports and outdoor verandahs are simple, effective ways to add space to your home. Optional UV protection fibreglass sheet roofing available.

We stock all Colorbond Carport and Veranda Systems

Click here to view the Colorbond colour palette
Colorbond use a tough, oven-baked finish and Super Polyester coating technology which makes it resistant to corrosion and physical damage like chipping. Colorbond systems can be configured to your home and lifestyle.

Choose Basic Steel for Lasting Home Fencing

Steel fencing is a lasting home fencing option. Because it resists weathering and corrosion, this material is the perfect material for outdoor uses. A Basic Steel fence adds value to your property.

We also supply general steel for DIY and other projects. General supplies include structural sections, plates, flats, angles, rounds pipe, RHS, building Beams and all types of mesh, roofing, walling, flashing and guttering.


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If you are having trouble designing your steel fabrication job be it roofing, fencing or sheds give us a call for some free advice on 8384 8777

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If you would like an obligation free quote please drop in and see us at
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Or fill in the quote form below with as much information as you can supply.

Terracotta storage shed, outdoor closet, horizontally clad with corrugated Colorbond Seacombe Gardens3

5 Reasons Why Steel Is Just Better

RUST PROOF – A choice of either zinc alume or galvanised. Galvanised steel is used worldwide due to its anti-corrosive properties. A coating of metallic zinc and zinc-iron alloy layers are bonded to the steel protect it from oxidisation and help it retain its strength and appearance. Zinc Alume works on a similar principal to produce steel that is practically rust proof.

RESISTANT TO THE ENVIRONMENT – Steel is a metal alloy and is subject to little weathering. Resistant to insects such as termites that can destroy traditional wooden structures and because it doesn’t break down appreciably, your steel structure is protected from harmful environmental effects that can be serious issues with other structural materials. Steel is also a non-burning material which doesn’t contribute fuel for fires.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG – Steel is one of the world’s most common building materials because it is a light but strong material that can be easily manipulated and installed. Steel has to highest strength to weight ratio of any other building material in use today. Because it is inorganic it resists warping, rotting and breaking down and retains its high-tensile strength. Perfect for DIY projects because it can be easily handled by one person.

DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING – The Australian Steel Institute ensure the quality of steel produced in Australia meets their high standards. This means that steel has a reliable material consistency. Galvanised steel has a life expectancy of 50 years in most rural environments and 25 years in even the harshest Australian conditions.

DUCTILITY – Steel has high ductility, meaning it performs to specifications even under high stress. Because it retains its strength under strain, it is well adapted to building purposes.

Have You Seen Our Steel Specs?

Steel is high-tensile and durable. It is used worldwide in construction and infrastructure because of its long-life and adaptability.

The Australian Steel Institute ensures all steel manufactured in Australia complies with their guidelines, meaning steel can be relied upon to be consistently better than other structural materials

Carbon Steel used in construction accounts for over 90% of all steel produced worldwide.

The lightest material with a high-tensile strength used in the world for building applications.

The world’s largest construction projects, such as skyscrapers, employ steel because of its notorious strength.

Supports a higher load when compared to its own weight.

The critical temperature (the point at which it loses structural integrity) of steel is higher than most building materials, meaning it is not only fire resistant but will by largely undamaged due to excessive heat.

Garages & Sheds

See our large range of garages and sheds and find out how we can add some style and value to your home. Steel garages and sheds help secure your belongings and protect them from the weather. Available in 25′, 30′ & 40’ wide, in any length and in a variety of height options and loads of colours to choose from, Basic Steel Supplies have what you’re looking for.

Fencing & Steel

Have a browse through our carports and verandas. Ideal for adding some extra space for the car or an entertaining area for the family. Our steel is made with an aluminium/zinc/magnesium coating that acts as an anti-corrosive and prevents chipping or cracking. A Basic Steel carport will protect your car from the elements and retain its structural integrity for longer than other materials.

Carports & Verandahs

You can’t go past our quality fencing and general steel products. In a large range of colours and zinc alume our fencing is a great addition to any home. With easy assembly or installation available on request, we can have your new fence up quickly and at an affordable price.