Ampelite manufacture fibreglass sheeting in Australia. Sheeting from Ampelite is durable and is used widely for construction purposes. It is very light weight and relatively cheap compared to other industry materials. UV protection and flame retardant materials adhere to modern safety regulations and ensure your construction is hazard free.

Ampelite fibreglass is commonly used in the constructions of sheds, garages, patios, verandas and larger steel framed buildings. Fibreglass roofing allows light in and keeps harmful ultra violet light out. This makes fibreglass suitable for roofing for workspaces such as garages, tool sheds, greenhouses, shade rooms and hothouses.

Reliable Results from Ampelite

A range of specifically designed Ampelite fiberglass option are available. These options have been tested against UV rays, heat, smoke, fire and weathering to ensure predictably reliable results across all Ampelite products. Residential Fibreglass – Ampelite fibreglass provides 99.9% protection from harmful ultra violet rays. Ampelite glass reinforced roof sheeting is made using the world’s latest resin technology and is perfect for residential projects. Ampelite also manufacture UV-protected skylights and other quality products.

Ampelite Fibreglass sheeting

Ampelite fibreglass sheeting is easy to install and makes DIY projects manageable. Basic Steel offer installation services for all Ampelite fibreglass products. WONDERGLAS GCP – Wonderglas GCP domestic skylight polyester sheeting is a cutting edge technology that exceeds standard fibreglass in durability and performance.

Lifetime Warranty

Ampelite offer a Lifetime Warranty against loss of light transmission. Testing has shown surface erosion and wear remains negligible even in the harshest of conditions.


Ampelite’s Industrial Fibreglass provides cost effective lighting through excellent spanning, light transmission and low thermal expansion. Ampelite offers cost effective roofing that is attractive and malleable. COOL-LITE GC – Cool-lite GC systems produce diffused light, whilst transmitting minimal total heat transmission.

Reduce Electricity Bills

This technology creates can reduce high energy bills that air conditioning and artificial lighting can accumulate. Cool-lite GC also features Ampelite’s Gel Coat technology which maintains its fresh appearance.


SL fire retardant sheeting offers exceptional flexibility and resistance in the event of a fire. Fire Retardant SL premium grade gel coated fibreglass produces low expansion and contraction rates so it is compatible with all steel roofing and cladding and adaptable across materials.


Add another level of fire resistance with R76 Smoke Reduced skylight sheeting. SR76 fibreglass sheeting combines the benefits of premium grade Wonderglas GC gel coated and Cool-Lite GC heat reduction sheeting for optimal protection.


Clearslide fibreglass sheet allows for the use of very long steel roofing from ridge to gutter. The patented ClearSlide fixing clips provide many advantages over normal installation procedures. . Clearslide floats freely and eliminates any water ingress, or buckling (ocean waving) of the fibreglass.


Thermal Skylights offer natural light without compromising on insulation. The Thermal Skylight is easily adapted to be used with all insulation types and roof spacing bars. Ampelite fibreglass sheeting is perfect for roofing and layering. With fire resistant, UV-protection fibreglass protects year round. Ampelite are proudly Australian owned and operated. Choose Ampelite fiberglass in your construction projects.