BASIC STEEL the garage and shed specialist in Adelaide’s South

Basic Steels staff all of years experience in designing anything from the smallest garden shed or even a bird aviary to large shed for industrial or agricultural purposes.

A plan will be produced that you can use to erect your own shed and DIY or our builder will use to construct your garage

Our large factory has enough room to build any size shed and we have all the latest steel fabrication equipment, steel supplies and hardware to fabricate a shed or garage to last a lifetime

All our products carry long term guarantees and warranties

Basic Steel have team of experienced shed and garage erection specialist’s whose long term experience makes the difference.

Our trades people know what they are doing and will complete the build of your garage and shed on time and remove any debris from the build and leave your site tidy.

Garages and Sheds That Will Last

Steel structures available in 25′, 30′ & 40’ wide, in any length and in a variety of height options! We have loads of colours to choose from. Check out our colour range here. All of our Garages and Sheds are made of steel. Steel is structurally very sound and offers resistance to weather that other building materials don’t. For a simple, easy to use building , steel is perfect for all your home improvement needs.

Great Features of Steel Garages & Sheds

Tough On Crime – Steel is strong and difficult to tamper with. Steel sheds and garages offer effective protection for your property.
Light and Breezy – Make DIY a cinch with  galvanised or Zincalume steel – It’s light and easy to install.
Weather Shield – Steel is resistant to all of the environments nasties. It doesn’t rot, get eaten by termites or rust and is pretty hard to damage.
Flexibility Is Key – If you’re a year-round DIY-er steel offers excellent flexibility for those easy additions and adjustments, giving you freedom to create great buildings and structures.
The Hercules Of Alloys – Steel is stronger than any other building material in it’s weight class.


Steel has a high ductility which means it can be subject to high pressures and carry large loads. This property has made steel one of the world’s leading building materials. Our steel structures are perfect for garages, garden sheds, potting sheds, tool sheds, work sheds, carports and verandahs.

Steel structures are used widely for a variety of purposes, including securing personal belongings, adding storage and creating space for work and home improvements.

A steel shed from Basic Steel offers structurally sound stowage and keeps items safe and secure, using steel that is up to the highest ASI specifications.

Garages and sheds provide function, storage and security. Adding extra space allows for great recreational spaces for gardening, yard projects, craft work and play areas for the kids.

We Stock Colorbond Steel

click here to view the full range of Colorbond colours

Colorbond Steel has a reputation for quality. Colorbond steel is coated with a tough, oven-baked finish and Super Polyester coating technology to ensure it is resistant to corrosion and chipping. Colorbond steel is an industry leader in high-quality steel products.

Accessorise Your Shed or Garage

  • Basic Steel offer a range of accessories for steel structures.
  • Fibreglass Sheeting: Perfect for UV protection.
  • Fire Retardant Sheeting: Resistant in the event of a fire
  • Hinges, Latches & Door Handles: Add style and functionality to your steel structure with a lockable door handle.
  • Thermatech® technology can be added for additional solar reflection.

Different Types Of Steel for Different Applications

GALVANISED: Galvanised steel is produced by creating a corrosion and abrasion-resistant coating using metallic zinc and zinc-iron alloy layers, which are bonded over the steel. This process produces steel that is resistant to wear. Galvanised steel has been in production world-wide for over a century and is the industry standard for quality assured steel products.

ZINCALUME: Zincalume is produced by BlueScope Steel, a subsidiary of Colorbond. The revolutionary zincalume alloy coating offers corrosion resistance that surpasses even galvanisation. Zincalume steel has a higher flexibility than other steel, allowing for unconventional constructions, such as domed or curved roofing.

Different types of steel are suitable for different applications. To find out which is right for you, contact Basic Steel on (08) 8384 8777
Basic Steel have been supplying quality steel for home improvements and commercial projects for over 30 years. We stock all Colorbond systems and all of our steel is held to the highest specifications.
Steel structures add value to your home. For sheds, garages and other steel structures, choose Basic Steel’s industry leading products range.

We offer full installation services upon request. This includes building work, concrete pouring and development applications to ensure your home improvements are quick and hassle-free.


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