Colorbond steel is Australia’s most popular steel for construction purposes. Producing quality steel that is tested and manufactured specifically for Australian climates since the mid-20th century. From the discovery of corrugated sheet metal to the development of Colorbond’s signature zinc alume coating process, they have been industry leaders in producing steel that surpasses specifications. Manufactures quality galvanized and zinc alume steel for fencing, guttering, roofing, patios and pergolas and outdoor walling. Colorbond steel has been tested against harsh Australian climates and has been proved to be the strongest, most durable construction material on the market.


  • Almost 6,000,000 tonnes of COLORBOND® steel have been produced since Colorbond began manufacturing in the mid-60s.
  • Originally, installers of COLORBOND® steel had the choice of just six colours. Today, it’s available in a range of 22 designer colours that include matte and other vibrant textures.
  • Colorbond Steel has given rise to changes in ASI standards, due to its innovation and retention of style.
  • Thermatech® technology can be added for addition solar reflection.
  • Colorbond steel accounts for almost 50% of all new roofs for homes in Australia.
  • 90% of new homes built in Australia feature products made from COLORBOND® steel.

Colorbond steel incorporates Super Polyester Coating technology for extra protection against environmental and physical damage. Its tough oven-baked zinc alume coating has been proven to exceed standard galvanisation techniques and deliver the highest rust protection of any standard construction steel. Colorbond’s innovative product range continues to help builders develop new and exciting construction methods that will make housing and development simpler in the future. Colorbond steel is designed to last and protect you and your family from the elements.

Colorbond steel is used in both residential and commercial constructions. Zinc alume steel makes for tough steel structures such as sheds and garages. These additions can add loads of space for storage and provide simple security solutions for garden tools, bikes, cars and other valuables and delicate materials. Extra room for activities and home improvements, craft space, dens or man caves are just some of the uses of steel sheds. Colorbond’s wide range affords you control over stylistic and technical elements.

Adaptable designs for sheds and shelters come in a large range, so planning ahead is essential. Follow Colorbond’s purchasing guide for personalised solutions. For steel that is anti-corrosive, at the highest-stress load ratio, trust Colorbond Steel in your construction projects.